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Jul 29, 2011

How Will Greece Use The Second Public Bailout Money?

On the 21 of July Euro Zone leaders announced that Greece will get a second public bailout from the Euro Zone Countries (Lend by the EFSF bailout fund) and the IMF. The second bailout amounts 109 billion. This graph shows how the second public bailout out money will be used by Greece:

  • 34 billion to refinance its debt.
  • 20 billion to recapitalize Greek banks.
  • 20 billion to buy back Geek Bonds, which will result in a 12,6 billion decline in the Greek Debt.
  • 35 billion for collateral (AAA-loans from EFSF) for extending the bonds by the private sector (private sector bail out). 
  • The assumption is that Greece will raise 28 billion by privatization. If it will not the 109 billion public bailout will have to rise.

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