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Jan 29, 2012

Total Debt (Private & Public) 2000-2011

Mckinsey published its follow up on one of my favorite papers. The series is called Debt and Deleveraging. Debt as in countries taking on more debt and deleveraging as in bringing down the debt levels. This graph shows the total debt for some selected countries, which consists of public (government) and private (household, non-financial firms and financial firms) debt. 

As you can see Total Debt is extremely high in Japan and in the U.K. Spain and France have high debt levels as well. South Korea seems to have about average total debt. It would be interesting and a better comparison to see more countries. Also debt is not the only thing that matters. If you look at balance sheets for the public and private actors, as individual companies, it is ofcourse also important to look at the assets.

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