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Jul 27, 2015

Difference Between Europe and the United States: Larger Transfer Payments

Please click on the graphs to view a bigger size.

This first graph shows the difference between European payments and European taxes paid received by all the member states.

(Where Duitsland=Germany, Belgie=Belgium, Nederland=Netherlands, Verenigd Koninkrijk=UK, Griekenland=Greece)

This next graph shows the same as the first graph, yet now for the United States. Please especially look at the difference in the scale of the graphs.

Created by Jessse Frederik 

Mar 8, 2015

What Internal Devaluation in Greece Looks Like

As you can see wages in greece have declined by more than 20 percent nominally from 2010 up until 2014.

Aug 29, 2014

Why Draghi Changed His Tone at Jackson Hole

Draghi's speech at Jackson Hole was different compared to his last speech at the ECB's governing council meeting. The ECB has a mandate of inflation just under two percent. What Draghi always underlines in this speeches is that, while inflation in the short run may deviate from the target, inflation expectations are at just below 2 percent. What you can see in the next graph is that inflation expectations have actually been declining quite fast. This probably was the reason Draghy changed his tone.

Business Insider

Aug 26, 2014

Top 32 Earners in Different Sports

The Wall Street Journal made this great graph which gives an overview of what the top 32 players make in a few selected sports. Baseball has the highest earning individuals, with baseball en (U.S.) football following closely. Also note that the difference for tennis players between the first and the 32nd highest earners is especially large. Unfortunately European football is not included.

Wall Street Journal

Aug 18, 2014

Trends in Global Working Age Populations (1950-2100)

IMF published a rapport 'Africa Rising: Harnessing the Demographic Dividend' which contains a very interesting overview of the working age demographic history from 1950 and forecasts until 2100. Especially note the big rising trend for Africa and the downward trends for the West.


Aug 10, 2014

Euro Zone Inflation Rates Distribution Core Versus Periphery (2009-2014)

Notice that the distribution of the periphery inflation rates is much larger, more different levels in inflation, than in the core countries.

Vincent - Reuters

Aug 6, 2014

Total Debt (Public and Private) in the United States, Euro Zone, China, Japan and the U.K.

This graph shows the total debt (government, households and firms) for the biggest economies in the world. First, what I think is remarkable is that total debt is for the developing world (except Japan) all around 250 percent of GDP. Second, total debt did not decline since the crisis. In Japan and China (perhaps as expected) it is even rising again.

BBVA Research